Japanese Pricing Policy

Japanese Pokemon prices are extremely volatile and can rapidly rise and fall within a few hours. It is important as a buyer that you understand our pricing policy and how our pricing can change.

We do our very best to lock in pricing for our customers and ensure you get your items for the price advertised. Prices on Japanese Pokemon sets usually start high (such as pre-orders or release day product) and will go down after release. **NOTE** This is the current trend and can change at any time given the popularity of a set. If you wish to try to save some money, we would suggest waiting till after launch of the product for better pricing but we all know how boring that can be :).

It is important to note that our price adjustments (both up and down) will not be honored for orders already placed. This also applies to orders placed the same day or directly behind of another order. If you have additional questions or want to discuss our policy you are reach our main inbox at sales@collectorsrow.cards.

Updated 10/2/2023 - We will not price match or honor the prices of our items for sale on our website or TikTok Shop in our other store locations (in person, Facebook, Google Shop, Conventions, and Card Shows). These shopping locations might have different pricing than our website or TikTok Shop due to factors relating to the cost of attendance, show fees, or other charges.